This section of our site is found to help customers that come across complications in making use of the site. Here, you will be given information on what's available on our site, and the way you can easily select what tickets you want and how to buy them.

The first thing that would be of interest for you is the calendar of events. It is exposed in two places. One on top right of the site and another one in the center. All of them show the same events but the one in the center shows further information considering the view ticket button that you will use when you ultimately choose to order tickets.

The event planning lists all the events appearing in the arena, however if you want to narrow your search and the results provided, you can use the filters located in the left of the site. You are given the possibility to narrow the search by date and get shown only events that will take place in the selected period of time, or by selecting a name of an event appearing in the section all events.

When you are done and decided what tickets you are looking forward to to buy, you can move to the next step, to complete the purchase. To do that, you hit the view tickets icon, and you will be taken to tickets page. There you will find tickets sort by row, quantity, section, and of course price. And to let you know about your seats, we place a map to view seats.

We wish that the details we have given here have explained the utilization of our site. Many thanks for selecting to order your tickets.

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